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Poison Pesticides: The Urgent Need to Protect Our Pollinators: This report outlines the issues surrounding the dramatic decline in bee populations around the UK and the role neonicotinoid pesticides are thought to play in it.

Transhipment at Sea: Briefing: In the briefing, EJF sets out the case for a ban on transhipment of fish at sea in West Africa as well as a ban on the entry of seafood from such transhipments into the European market.

A Nation Under Threat: The impacts of climate change on human rights and forced migration in Bangladesh: The report explores how climate change has become one of the major challenges to the enjoyment of the basic rights to life, food, health, water, housing and self-determination in one of the World's most climate vulnerable countries.

EJF Consumer Guide to Prawns: Every time you are faced with purchasing shrimp, consider how much you know about its production. Can you be sure it didn't cause environmental degradation or lead to human rights abuses?

Pirate Fishing Exposed: EJF's latest report exposes the continued role of the EU and East Asian countries in facilitating a market for seafood illegally caught in West Africa.

The True Costs of Cotton: Cotton Production and Water Insecurity: The report highlights the massive mismanagement and abuse of fresh water resources in cotton production, with a special focus on Central Asia and Uzbekistan in particular.