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An EJF policy briefing prepared for the Royal Thai Government: Since the start of 2019 Thailand has reached several important milestones in the effort to eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing and associated human rights abuses. Notably, in January 2019 the European Commission (EC) removed the yellow card issued to Thailand - a warning that had been in place since April 2015. January also saw Thailand ratify the ILO’s ‘Work in Fishing’ Convention, No. 188 (C188) to protect workers’ rights on-board fishing vessels whilst ensuring they receive adequate food, water, medicine, rest times, and other legal protections. This policy briefing lays out ten recommendations that EJF feels are necessary to solidify and build on existing reforms.

Thailand's Road to Reform: Securing a sustainable, legal and ethical fishery: Thailand’s seafood industry was in recent years blighted by uncontrolled growth across its fishing sector resulting in rampant illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing as well as violent associated human rights abuses including physical and verbal abuse and even murder. The decision in 2014 by the European Commission in April 2015 to issue a ‘yellow card’ against Thailand’s seafood exports to the European Union was one of several wakeup calls to introduce long overdue reforms. Significant progress has since been made to regain trust and shed a notorious image of a sector steeped in flagrant regulatory and labour abuses, however, much more remains to be done to become a truly sustainable, legal and ethical sector.

Fish in disguise: Seafood fraud in Korea 가짜 생선 : 수산물 둔갑, 실태와 해결책: 국제환경단체 환경정의재단(Environmental Justice Foundation, 이하 EJF)은 2018년 1년간 DNA 분석 검사를 통해 서울에서 유통되는 수산물의 허위 표시 및 둔갑 문제의 실태 파악에 나섰다. 조사 결과, 조사 대상 수산물의 3개 중 1 개 이상이 허위 표시 되어 유통된 것으로 나타났다. 이렇게 수산물을 둔갑해 유통하는 사기 행위는 소비자를 속이고, 국민 건강을 위협할 수 있음은 물론, 해양환경 파괴 및 관련 어선원의 인권 침해 문제와 연결되기도 한다. 이 조사 결과는 국내외에서 생산되어 시중에 유통되는 수산물의 관리에 있어 투명성과 이력추적성이 시급히 강화되어야 함을 보여주고 있다.

Sepuluh prinsip untuk transparansi global: Transparansi di industri perikanan adalah senjata terbaik yang kita miliki untuk melawan tragedi kembar di sektor ini yaitu penangkapan ikan ilegal dan pelanggaran hak asasi manusia. EJF telah menyusun sepuluh prinsip sederhana untuk diterapkan oleh negara.